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An ‘inexhaustible explorer, dramatic designer’, opening up new horizons for making clothes through research, experimentation and development while reimagining the relationship between the human body and the clothing soul.

Kamal Raj Manickath, the mind behind “SOUCIKA” aims to roar higher with his dream. Born in Kerala and travelling through the world, finally puts his feet down in Bangalore after his sister’s wedding which was a life turning occasion for him. Fond of sketching and the ability to put his thoughts down on paper, he decided to color and reinvent the SOUTH INDIAN BRIDES in his own tints and shades.

So, here was SOUCIKA’s birth back in 2013 with a dream to dress every South Indian Bride in the most romantic yet traditional attire. His first break through was the BANGALORE FASHION WEEK and since then there has been no looking behind.The show cemented the designer’s reputation and attracted the attention of socialites and aristocratic women from all around the city. He has created some of the city’s most famous bridal collections. Well known for his romantic side, the Brides go gaga over him only to see him working harder for every masterpiece he makes. And, importantly, he makes sure that no fancy prices are added to the creations as he believes that the true strength of a gorgeous piece lies in the honest prices it offers.

Beyond the clothing donned by his brides, models, he is known for dramatic final-bow- costumes, finishing his shows making his muse wear fantastical get-ups inspired by the outlandish luminaries.His client list includes the famous stars Parvathy Nair, Haripriya and many more.

While maintaining strong ties with the middle-east, he is a much celebrated designer for the women who prefer to have an excellent intricacy when it comes to wearing even the simplest of the ensembles. At SOUCIKA, he holds a group of expert designers who understand his vision and work only to come up with the best designs and finishing in the city to satisfy all their clients to the hearts.